PFS Holistic Planning Process

Step 1: Introductory Meeting

In our first meeting, I will ask you questions that have nothing to do about money. This may be different from what you expect a client/advisor relationship should look like. I want to know your goals, obstacles, and preferences. More importantly, I want to understand how you make your decisions and what experiences you had that drive these decisions. I also want you to have the opportunity to learn about me and I can learn what your expectations are out of our relationship. The goal here is to ensure that we are the right fit.

Step 2: Assessment

One we have mutually agreed to work together, the next steps are to collect what I call the “nuts & bolts” to build out your financial plan. This will entail taking a deeper dive into your situation. We will collect supporting documents needed to build your plan. It is important to be transparent and detailed in this phase. The goal is to make sure your plan is accurate as possible and aligns with your values that we outlined in the introductory meeting.

Step 3: Develop & Implement Plan

Now that we have everything we need to build out your plan, it is now time to deliver an easy to follow road map that will guide you. The plan will address the areas that are most important to you and will be implemented in phases based on how you rank them. The goal is to make sure the plan aligns with your values and goals.

Step 4: Monitor the Plan & Ongoing Advice

One thing I’ve learned after years of providing valuable advice to my clients is that things will change. Your goals and priorities will change and market conditions will change as well. My promise to you is to help you stay on track through all the stresses and strains of an investing lifetime. In the long run, this is the most important thing I can do for you.

Contact me today to see how I can help you build out a plan that matches your goals and values.