Our Planning Philosophy

My mission is to help educate, prepare and position my clients for success.

This is based on my 3 phased planning philosophy:


Structure a sound investment strategy based on your risk tolerance, time horizon and goals.


Build an insurance protection program that will protect your income and your assets.

Special Teams

We partner with tax and estate planning professionals to ensure your legacy is passed on the way you want to your loved ones with as little tax implications as possible.

Most people who start a relationship with me come with a very fragmented financial picture. I help bring these pieces together so we can get a clear picture of where you are at. From there we can build an action plan to help you get started on your journey.

I will help you build your team of professionals and walk with you to implement your plan.

The benefit is that my clients achieve peace of mind knowing that they can focus on their relationships with those they care about because of a comprehensive financial plan that is based on a bedrock of trust.

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Educational Videos

3 Secrets Hiding in Uncertainty

Markets hate uncertainty. This can lead to downturns, volatility, and extreme market behavior. In this video, financial advisor Stephen Patterson addresses how you can harness the power of volatility and modify your thoughts to navigate the economy and the markets right now.

News Headlines Causing Volatility in Your Investment Portfolio? Try These Strategies

Are the recent headlines in the news causing you stress? News headlines can cause market volatility and lead to potential losses in your portfolio. In this video, financial advisor Stephen Patterson talks about 3 strategies you can implement to relieve your stress and help you stick to your plan.

Market Volatility Leads to Recession Fears in 2022

Inflation, supply chain issues, and global unrest are taking a toll on the markets. In this video, financial advisor Stephen Patterson addresses these issues and talks about steps you can take to make sure your portfolio is well positioned.

Important Tax Law Changes for 2021

Now that the infrastructure bill has been signed into law. Congress is now turning their attention to Joe Biden’s Build Back Better Plan. In this video, financial advisor Stephen Patterson talks about some of the potential tax law changes in the bill and what you should do to prepare yourself.

Build Your Resiliency in the Face of Uncertainty

In this video, financial advisor Stephen Patterson talks about 3 things you can do to help manage the market volatility that we have been seeing right now.

Do I Have Enough Life Insurance?

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month. In this video, financial planner Stephen Patterson talks about some of the questions to consider when evaluating your life insurance needs. Adequate insurance protection is an essential component to any financial plan.

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